Advantages of Planting and Gardening

Let me put it simply:  I love taking care of plants and maintaining a beautiful garden.  Although gardening seems to be a dirty and tiring past time, I find it relaxing.  I have no intentions of convincing you to dig some dirt in your yard but allow me to point out some key advantages of gardening and maintaining a simple plot in your home.  Who knows, you might just pick up a trowel and start digging son?

Gardening is Relaxing

As ridiculous as ti may sound, digging dirt for hours under the sun is fun and relaxing.  Of course you need the right tools to make it really fun.  A trowel would be a good idea to use instead of a plastic tea spoon when digging .  Some jog, do cardio dancing, others do yoga and some other Zen stuff.  All of them put you in a calm mood.  And being calm is what many people need.  In spite of the exertion that you may put in, gardening can be a relaxing activity.

Taking care of Plants Promote Physical Fitness

From gross motor to fine motor exercise, you can not go wrong with gardening.  It’s like doing your own workout depending on the extent of your gardening tasks.  Suffice to say, you will move and at times you will sweat.  Some manual labor is needed so expect to get dirty.  Of course if your back is not up to it, don’t try lifting a sack of soil just for the muscle burn.

You Help the Environment

Planting plants obviously helps the environment.  The more plants you take care of the better.  It’s like creating your very own haven amidst the polluted world.  And I must point out that some plants do help filter the toxic chemicals i the air )but that’s another article for later).  Planting is a mutually beneficial activity.  You help give plants life and they help give us oxygen.  I guess that is a fair trade.

Free Food Always  Makes Me Happy

Apart from flowering plants I have herbs planted all over the garden.  Basil, thyme and oregano are some of the plants I often use in the kitchen.  Yup, I also cook.  So why buy if I can plant them in my home?  It makes sense to just pick it from the garden.  Plus I know that it is grown organically so I have no fears of using it.  How much do you pay for vegetables and herbs you use in your kitchen.  I practically don’t buy much now that I grow them at home.  Just a mental note here – if you love pasta it makes sense to grow your own tomatoes and herbs at home.  If only I can grow penne as well then it would be perfect.

Plants Make Your Home More Beautiful

Whether it is in a pot or is a huge garden, plants add a certain appeal to any home.  When you take care of your garden you give your home a special and personal touch.  Of course you can hire a landscape artist to do this.  But where is the fun in it?  Ultimately you are the one who will enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Plus, you can tweak it to your heart’s content.

A Sense of Fulfillment

Have you ever tried planting a seed, carefully watering it, pruning as needed, controlling the temperature in every way possible, giving it ample light and water?  It is a lot of work.  but when they bloom or give you their fruits, there is a sense of fulfillment.  It’s like caring for your child without them talking back at you or having to worry about boyfriends and teenage pregnancy.  OK, the analogy might be pushing it but I am pretty sure you know what I mean.  You put a lot of effort and you are rewarded.

If you haven’t taken cared of any plants before, I suggest trying out now.  Simple plants from cacti to easy-to-grow flowering plants are your best bets.  Soon you can explore the rest of your garden.  The advantages of gardening and taking care of plants is there.  All you have to do is enjoy the benefits.