Strengthening Family Ties in the Park

My family loves going to the park.  We get to enjoy nature, and have a lot of fun.  My daughter loves to run so this is a safe and fun place to go to.  We are fortunate that there are several parks near our home.  In just a 10-minute drive we can be enjoying ourselves.

Family Bonding Deepens Relationships.

We make sure that our family spends time together.  My wife, my daughter and me make sure we get some quality time.  And what is fantastic is that it does not have to cost so much.  We pack some food for our picnic, We take with us some drawing and coloring materials and we just express ourselves through painting or drawing.  But what is special is when we just talk about our lives together.  Just pondering on what we want, what help we need from the family – practically anything under the sun.  When we take the time to communicate and connect with our family, we become active participants in strengthening our bond.

What activities do you do to strengthen the bond of your family?

Rest and Relaxation Helps Relieve Stresses.

One way to relieve stress from work or from the whatever preoccupies our mind is just being with the family.  With the beautiful backdrop of trees, lake, flowers and the family, problems and concerns seem easier to solve.  Sometimes we need to step back and just relax in order to see things from a different light.  Moreover, when stress is low in the family, there is a harmonious flow of energy from one person to the other.  The cohesive nature of a family in the right mindset lightens the burdens and reinforces the love.  Living a life that is with little stress creates harmony.

How does your family rest and relax?

Have Fun Together

Some families go camping.  Others watch a movie.  Us, we like chilling under the beautiful sky surrounded by nature.  I believe that families need to do things together.  Whether it is eating a meal, praying, or having fun, doing things together helps strengthen bonds.

What do you do as a family?

Visiting parks is more than just a trip on the weekends for me.  it is a time I can reinforce the love that we have as a family.  It helps me take a break from the busy world and just focus on what is important to me – my family.  After all, I am a husband and a father first.  the rest is just clutter.