Let New Year begin out right

Re-mincing back to the days of my youth

When I was in time of my youth, my family moved closed to be by my grandparents. My grandmother and grandfather separated but did not divorce.  They lived in their own home but still acted as husband and wife in a sense. Oh, how my grandmother loved to share her stories with me whenever I slept over her house. Through her stories I have learned so much about the times when she was a child and learned so much about our ancestors.

I learned that I had my grandfather long round face and had my Aunt’s nose, had my great grandmother’s eyes. My Aunt loved to write, my talent for sewing and making crafts came from my grandmother. She loved to sew. She made my dresses and quilt. My talent for baking came from my mother’s sister. Because of the many of grandma’s story telling I began to know who I was and where I came from. Very interesting to learn my family genealogy history. I learned that my great-great-great grandparents came from Germany and they have travel on a ship to come to United States America.

I seem to have a hot tempter at times, my grandma mentioned to me when I was a child and she believes my temper came from my mother’s side. Called the Humsher temper. I eventually have learned to calm down and learned to control my temper. Grandma also told me that I have my great-great grandfather’s German temper in me. As I grew older I grew wiser and have learned the hard way through life’s lessons.

It is educational to learn about your ancestors for it applies a history of where you come from and learn through the history about your family back ground. I have always wonder who do I get my hazel eyes from and now I know.