My First Postcard From…

Hello again, Sky Pip ! 🙂

Recently I saw a post by one of my penpals on Facebook, talking about a site called Postcrossing dot com.  On the site, people sign up and say in their profile/etc. where they are willing to send postcards to, and a bit about themselves.   You can choose, as far as I can tell, to send postcards only within your home country, or worldwide.

When you click on  a button that confirms that you want to send a postcard, Postcrossing then assigns you a person to send it to.  I marked that I wanted to send postcards to countries outside the U.S.   So far I have sent one postcard each to people in Germany and Russia.  I clicked on the button to be assigned to someone today, and I was assigned another person in Russia. 🙂  I wonder if I will ever recieve one from Russia?

As far as the postcards that I have sent, I ordered a package of eight postcards from Zazzle dot com, all of them having a picture of a bridge across town that goes over the river that runs on that side of town.  I scanned and cropped  that post card and have used it as a cover photo  on some writing sites.

Have you ever heard of Postcrossing dot com , or have you ever been part of a program or website where you were assigned someone to send a postcard to , or gift or pen pal letter or something like that?  I find them fun, myself.  It’s nice to get something in the mail that’s not just a bill or a store ad, and especially nice/interesting to get something that was sent from another country. 🙂