Well, that was a nice surprise

Hello, everyone out there in Sky Pip land !

I came on this morning to check my balance, and saw that it had gone over a dollar.If I added right, it was fifty cents. over from yesterday.  That was a nice surprise.

Then I went to see if any of my posts had received comments.  I saw that one of my poems had, so I went to check it out.  This was the comment that I found:


Dear Author: We have given you the rewards to your balance for being an active author at SkyPip


Huh.  Well, the way I figure it, fifty cents is fifty cents, so thank you, SkyPip!  I will certainly continue to be an active member.

Today was Wednesday, so I didn’t have any chance to write, particularly because my nephew never took a nap.

Today we went to a new bank that I wanted to check out, as I’m going to have to move my checking/savings account.  The bank I have it at now is moving to a place that’s too inconvenient to get to.

Before that we had gone to the next town over so that Mom could go to the fabric store and pick up something she needed.  For part of the time that she was in there, my nephew and I wandered around the ninety-nine cent store next door.  When he and I came back to the fabric store we looked around at a lot of the Christmas stuff that they had out.

Anyway, it’s nice that SkyPip gives a little extra incentive to it’s users for being faithful participants.

How are you all doing with your writing endeavors here on SkyPip?  I hope that you have been doing well.