Hello September. September to me the ending of summer and the last of the vacation time spent on labor day weekend which is this coming weekend, tells me that fall is just around the corner here in Texas.

September also reminds me  of October and that Halloween is not to far off,  and our family reunion.

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and then comes the month of December, Christmas shopping, no one ever wants to talk about in September. Some people have their shopping done and over with in July which I believe is smart, then they can concentrate on the real reason of Christmas they say, makes sense to me. It can be a hectic time of the year for some people the hustle and bustle of the commercial Christmas.

I for one love the fall months although ours is mild in Texas, other states are bracing for  first snows.


September is the  month  that gets us ready for the 3’s. the 3 months before the New year and the ending of the old year. In with the new out with the old.

September is an important month to some because it is the starting new year for their favorite organization.  With the new agendas,new officers, all ready to present to the members.  It is a busy month.

September can be a lonely time of the years for some people for instance the shut ins- who just went through a long summer of it and now looking forward to the coming 3’s where at least they can see someone and join  in the festivities of family hopefully.

There is a lot to be said for September and what it means. A song in the movie might say it best called  “ComeSeptember” – by Bobbie Darin.