Introducing SexagenarianWoman

I am SexagenarianWoman, and I have recently entered the Sexagenarian Decade.  This does not mean quite the same thing as the Age of Aquarius. However, it may mean that I get to have a bit of fun at some people’s expense.  I love poking fun at people who do not have sense enough to discover or think, or who are lazy enough not to want to learn.

I may have already offended some by writing this introductory piece. If that is the case, you probably will be offended often, and will not see past the written words on a screen, and your perception of them (my words) or me. That will be your problem. As a sexagenarian, I have learned that I cannot make everyone happy all of the time, whether I am writing or speaking.

I am someone who likes to learn, think, and challenge myself. I make the mistake, often times, of believing that others feel the same way. It is disappointing, at best. I do not back down from a good philosophical discussion. I will often act as “the devil’s advocate,” challenging you to think.  It will not matter to me if you and I disagree. More importantly, I want you to understand the reasoning behind your ideas, and be able to articulate your stance. I may learn from you, though I may not agree.  Perhaps, you will do the same.

You may already know me from other sites by another moniker (my real name), but I decided that I needed a place to write with a pen name. If you read carefully, pay attention to my style, and get to know me, you will clearly recognize me.  I have nothing to hide, but wanted to have a bit of freedom with opinions and style that I do not feel I have with my own blog or other writing sites.

Lastly, you may ask, “Is being a Sexagenarian Woman, sexy?”  I would respond with a hearty, “Hell, yeah!”  But then, I may have a much different definition of the word, “sexy,” than you do. But that will be for another discussion.