Sand art

sand art
sand art

In my city, Bangalore, there is a big garden called “lal bagh”. In that one, there will be flower shows once in every six months. In addition to flowers, there will be other attractions like bonsai trees, photo exhibitions and so on. Two years age, the above sand art was one of the biggest attraction in that flower show.

The above sand art was done in front of all of us by a college girl. She  took approximately four hours to complete this big art.remember, it is three dimensional and so, it is extremely difficult to make it, compared to simple painting. A very good idea and lots of practice is required to get proportionate sizes of all the portions in the art.

This sand art is depicting  one of the situations of our mythology called ‘Mahabahrath’.  It was a chariot steered by GOD and driven by  about  eight horses, in a war  to fight against the evil.

She has selected an area under the tree, so that less wind will be there to blowout the sand, which makes her art to stay for a long time.  As a result of this, it was difficult for me to get a good location for taking the photograph. After selection several locations and taking several pictures, I saved all in my  computer and edited them a little. I have selected the best one for this post.

Look at the light and shades. It was bright Sunny day and the time was around twelve noon. So, more than half of the portion is in shade of the tree, but the remaining potion is bright. So, i have managed to make both the portions visible clearly and showing all the high lights.

It was very enjoyable to see it live than to look at the photograph.