Momma passing

Not the news nobody wants to hear. April 25, 2016, I receive a rap at my front window. It was late in the hour around time we usually don’t receive a calling to our home. I don’t answer the door at the time of the night.  The fact the hour being so late I was leery to open the door to check who came to visit me at that time of hour.

When I peeped out the front window curtains I noticed it was my baby sister. I whispered to myself that can’t be good news. Knowing who came visiting I walked over to my front door and invited her in. She had this expression on her face I will never forget. I had this awful gut feeling that something had to be wrong and it was bad news.

Sis, I am here to tell you that Momma passed away. Why I came so late because I just read the news on Facebook.

“What? I replied. On Facebook, No way!

Yes way sis. I had so many questions. First my impression how I taken the news was not so lightly. How? When? Where? What from? I was aware that Momma had Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Momma was up in age, 98 year old exact.

Sis, Baby sister. Answer to your questions. First answer, oldest sister went up to take momma’s supper up and she noticed something wrong. So she called 911. when 911 arrived the EMT’s pronounced her dead. The exact time of when Momma passing was not determine. She may have died around 9:00 pm I believe.

Second question: Momma died at home in her own bed surrounded by her family. The coroner’s stated, Momma died from natural causes, Alzheimer’s. She was 98 years old so she lived a full life.  The arrangements were all made by the oldest sister. It turned out she decided to cremate Momma. It was against Momma’s believes. Momma was raised up in Mennonite/Amish Faith. So there were some disagreements on how the oldest sibling handle things. Because of the dysfunctional family surrounding my husband and I have decided to not to attend Momma’s Memorial service or graveside funeral.

Instead my husband and I had a private memorial services for my sister and I and our children to attend. I have bought long stem yellow roses for Momma because I knew how much Momma loved birds and flowers. I sang Take my Hand Lord at her Memorial services and chosen her two other favorite hymns. After the memorial services our church provided a meal. I gave my son Momma’s bible. Gave my granddaughter the mural photo’s plaque and Angel musical dome. It turned out well. No arguments, No family feuds, small Memorial services for the inner immediate family.

On the same day of my Momma’s passing, my chihuahua passed away too. Her name was BC, she died at 6:00 pm, so it was a double gammy. I tried to keep busy to keep my mind so busy with making arrangements for Momma’s Memorial services.  A few days later after the Memorial service when I was able to wind down, then hit me all at once. I broke down in tears and felt the pain of my lost. I am not quite ready yet to adopt another four legged friend, I have Momma’s photo’s of I taken with me that I sit up at her Memorial services hanging above my computer on the wall for me to see every day.

Knowing and remember of the many teachings my Momma had taught us life skills she would want us to move on living and enjoying life as God wanted us to do. Momma died with her bible in her arms holding it tightly. According to what I was told that Momma last final words were, “Lord, I am tired so I am ready to come home. Now the after maths after Momma was laid down to rest is totally another chapter I will share later.