How to get better at playing guitar?


There are lots of new musicians out there or we can call those newbies. New musicians who badly wanted to get better and they are having a real hard time to be one; but don’t lose hope because there is always a way to achieve your goals in life and especially in music.

You just need to be determined to learn and never give up even if the guitar’s string hurts your fingers because all of the great guitarist all around the world had experienced the same pain.

Always think that you can learn what you wanted.

Don’t get stuck in the easy songs. Try to study the hard ones so that when you managed to play that song then you can finally tell yourself that “my skills have improved”.

There’s nothing you can’t do man, all the things that they can do can also be done by you because we’re all the same.

It’s not true that if you love the music and the music doesn’t love you means you just need to stop and give up.

If the music doesn’t love you then make it love you.

Those guys with the fast fingers aren’t gifted, they just worked as hard as they can to be that good guitar player.

Don’t depend on those song’s chords in the internet. Try to use your ears listening to the song and start finding out what its chords are.

If you are a guitar player your skills is not the only thing that you need to pay attention to but you also need to take a good care of your guitar.

Care for it like it is your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can name it if you wanted.

My guitar’s name is Scylla.

Nowadays learning chords wasn’t so hard because you can search the patterns of the chords over the internet.

Never give up, don’t lose hope. Be a good guitar player.