Ram Navami 2016 Date And Festival Part 1

Sri Ram jay ram jay ram as you hear this mantra your whole body becomes vibrated and you feel unspoken peace. It is because that there is no difference between lord and in his name. Therefore In this age lord has descended in the form of holy name with his mantra


Hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare|
hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare|

In 2016 Ram navmi  will fall in 15 April 2016

Why we celebrate ram navami

Every year in India ,we celebrate the birthday or lord ram janma. It is the day on which lord Sri rama came in treat yuga .He is the incarnation of Supreme Lord Krsna or Vishnu. It is stated in Srimad bhagvad gita as it is that whenever there is decline of religious principle, supreme lord krsna came to protect the pious people and to kill the miscreants ,demons.

Navratri festival is celebrated in two times of a year, one is in march-April and other October-November .It is nine day festival .During first navratri , on the 9th day Lord Sri Ram janma utsav(birthday) is celebrated.

During treta yuga, demon name Ravana became very powerful due to the boon from the Lord Brahma that he will not be killed anyone on this earth except human. Actually he considered human very low or less powerful, therefore he doesn’t included human during asking for boon from Lord Brahma.

Due to this benediction, he became so powerful that he began to oppress pious people, stopping sacrifices that sages used to do to satisfy lord Vishnu. He began to mistreat women and forcibly make them his wife. So mother earth, along with lord Brahma visited on the bank of casual ocean where lord Vishnu is residing on his seshnag bed(Serpent bed) with unlimited heads.