Hairstyles and YOU

Someone I know recently told me that she had to have her hair perfectly fixed  in order to feel good about herself. I told her true beauty comes from within.  Nice looking hair can lift somebody’s spirit, but the true meaning behind true beauty is the heart and soul of someone.

People today tend to care more about their appearance than what they can give to the world as one human being to another. Feeling beautiful can make someone feel amazing. However feeling poorly about yourself can turn more than an ugly head. It can leave a lasting impression on yourself and everyone around you.

Individuals that feel good about themselves know that while a new hairstyle is something to look forward to. They also know their real beauty is all about how they view their world.


Today focus on God’s world and how beautiful and amazing it really is. Think about how we as unique individuals can understand more about ourselves and others.

Getting a new hair style can make someone feel great. However always remember beauty is only skin deep because the heart and soul of a person is how beauty should be determined.

Love yourself! The good people of this earth will follow you~~new hair style or not.

I recently got a new hair style and I think it looks great. The new hair style has lifted my spirits a lot. I just want others to understand where true beauty lies before having that fun day at the beauty parlor of their choice.

Always keep in mine that you are a person that is great first from the inside.  When the inside of a person is good~~then that is what beauty is all about. Nothing else can really make someone beautiful.