What Are You Thankful For?

How many times have you told yourself that life is hard or that you need more?  I suppose everyone of us have encountered moments when we have too little.  The feeling of inadequacy can eat out much of our strength and vigor.  The truth is we have so much but we do not see it.

Life is hard but worth living

One of the greatest gifts we have is our life.  The mere fact that we are breathing means we can do something great.  Have you ever thought of simply thanking God for the life that you have?  The problems that we face can be tough.  However, it does not mean it is too difficult to simply give up.

A family around us

Another beautiful gift we have is our family.  Of course the definition of family has changed over the years.  it can be your biological family, friends or a group of people that support you.  the point is you are never alone.  And with whatever you go through there is some there to listen and hold your hand through thick or thin.  Be thankful for this.

Your ability to influence

Our ability to influence others is a blessing.  It is imperative that we do not take this for granted.  we can help others because we can influence them.  whether in a small way or a profound one, we can touch the lives of other people.

Faith and belief

One of the greatest motivators in our lives is our faith.  When the situation is dire, we never forget to cling to something more powerful than us.  We put our trust on what seems to be invisible to others.  However imperceptible, our faith points us to wards a clear path.  Some may not understand our trust and faith.  Be thankful for you faith.  This keeps us sane in spite the insane events in our lives.

Many people underestimate what they currently have.  Of course some have more compared to others.  However, even the little stuffs in our lives can contribute in a significant way.  We can be surprised at how the smallest of things can remove us from a dire situation.

So what are you thankful for?