The pain of sudden death

As we enter this world from the time of our birth, the time of our death is also scheduled.  Yet, we must all accept that there is no permanent here on earth, so everything and everybody will  disappear, maybe sooner or later.  Sometimes  even just after birth of a child, in a few moments will be taken out of breath and die.

This is sudden death, waited for a long time for the child to be born and planned so many good things for baby’s welcome but why death snatched the wonderful things ahead?  Pain is great and almost lack of deep solace to offer for the grieving one.  Since  life is the most precious gift we received from God , but of course, life is always associated with the opposite .. which is death.

For so many, death can be considered terrifying for the reason that after one die, then no one can ever see, feel and connect with.  Death brings everything about the person, there is no turning back.  When one die, everything will be left behind.  But sometimes, death by terminal illness is better than sudden death, for the reason that it is the only time when one knows the time of death, even not exactly but knowing that death will happen  anytime between the specified period can make someone getting ready even the event to come is somewhat scaring, at least can still have time acquiring or preparing things before the unwanted occurrence arrived.

Sudden death is more painful, it is just like…now you see me.. now you don’t.   Casualties by accidents or nature disasters are common for  claiming sudden death.  And there is noting we can do about it.  Once a person ran out of breath,  then it is the end and accept the bitter pain of a sudden death.

Bringing up this article made me realized that  the best thing for  readiness on this untimely death is through faithfulness to the one Creator , which will surely bring us to eternal life ….. after death. war-1371810_960_720