Hallo…. Spring is in the air

Good day all lovely people. Today is officially the first day of Spring in my country. Im back after such a long period of time and i really missed writing on the site. We had a beautiful winter period with rainy days but also a lot of sunny days inbetween. Our winter period is actually very short because of all sunny, warms days in between. It was announded that the levels of our dams providing water through the country are only 60% full. It is not enough.

Spring is an exiting time though because all the trees and plants are in bloom. I was cleaning up my garden yesterday and was quite exited to see the lovely flowers in my small garden. I have a beautiful red carnation that stand out from the rest. Today i will continue planting new seeds and get rid of some weed that came out. My animals are just exited about the spring time. Now they can play in the garden.

I decided to something exiting and challenging to cheer up my Springtime even more. I registered for a new study course. I havent done studies for more then 8 years and it is a new challenge. I choose travel and tourism and plan to do travel bookings from home. It will only be for 12 months. I hope to pull it off and start a new direction.

After suffering from depression for so long i feel good today. It does not happen often but i learned to deal with it. Im proud that i have courage and strenghth again to do something positive for myself. Please wish me luck.

I hope you will all have a lovely day and those who also have Spring season enjoy it. It is a beautiful time of the year. FOR SURE ?