what to write about

What to write about?

When you decide to write an article, how do you find out what to write about? When I decide to write an article, my biggest problem is coming up with an idea of a topic that would be of interest to my readers. Most writers try to write informative and creative articles that will keep the readers reading till the last word. However, nowadays a lot of people are writing anything about any topic with no value what so ever. Their only interest is to post new articles to their newly established website that they created in the hope of generating some income. Not knowing that by doing so they are crushing any hopes of success that site might have.

I try my best when I decide to write about something to make it as interesting as I can to my readers. I know for a fact that no one can please every one, but I will be more than happy if the number of people that like my article is greater than the number of people that dislike it.

As I mentioned earlier, finding an idea of an interesting topic to write about is the hard part. That is why I do not write that often or I should say as often as I would like to. However, once I have the idea, expanding it is not a problem as I find myself coming up with a sentence after a sentence once I get started.

Finally, I would like to end this article by saying that writing is an art that a few people have mastered throughout the years. What I am trying to say here is, any one can write, but only a few have the talent to captivate their readers when they write.

Please feel free to comment whether you agree or disagree. Thanks.