One life and one dream.

One life and one dream,

Yes this is my first article in skypip and i’m talking about my unique and unachievable dream, visit the agartha kingdom, maybe you have not heard of it but it’s a wonderful thing, a land inside our land, a civilized and technologically advanced world where there are many alien races coming from other solar systems.

I have always been looking for information about it and I have to say what I found out left me speechless, at first I was very skeptical but things have changed because I believe everything is real, every clue leads to a higher civilization under our feet…

Science fiction at this point does not center for anything, maybe in a hundred years will come to light, but before leaving earthly life in this life I would like to visit those places that I believe in heaven.

What stops me from doing this trip are economic resources and foreign languages, I do not speak many languages, then I should find other people who have my own passion for so-called unknown places, in short I like the adventure but there are many Obstacles, perhaps insurmountable.

They often repeat that we are not alone in the universe and are fully reasoned, I am of the idea that when mankind is ready to meet the other races living in those lands will surely be like a memorable day, the famous first contact that is spoken In many movies, but this is reality, believe it or not believe, yet with much faith and study everything comes to light, the light of knowledge and awareness that we are not alone, there are others being but intelligent.

Speaking of Agartha is amazing!

Because she is not in the deep dark space but is so close to us even if she is unattainable without the right means, without the desire to walk, explore, know, socialize, better than any social network because personal contact Is unique, still speaking of those lands are said to have many species of animals that have long since extinct in the surface.

The central sun is artificial in theory there is no night, the total circumference is about six thousand km, in short Huge no Do you believe too?

Maybe for many this is a beautiful and good fantasy but if you deepen your speech and do a research then things change and you start to perceive what is really hiding, I would like to have your opinion serious about what it’s written, I hope To be understood because I speak little English.

Best Regards,