Short Story #3

The Girls Faded Colour”

She is a girl who dresses up alone in her room. Afraid to be seen that way. Afraid of being accepted and loved for being “that girl”. She puts things on and smiles but only then proceeds to frown as she recalls the manner of which she was addressed. She can not wear these for she isn’t accepted that way. The codes and the conduct don’t agree. She isn’t allowed to be who is she.She puts them on one by only aware that they are to be taken off. She wears the codes clothing but cries and tells herself lies that she is happy and herself.She feels like a liar, dirty and filled with such sorrow. The codes are written and she disagrees. She wants to be unique, yet she is oppressed. The color is absorbed and individuality is taken from her. She is becoming another number, another name tag, another barcode. She is no longer. She throws away her pieces and her heart because she refuses to let them take them from her. Her heart bleeds rainbows and smiles yet the codes buries it in a pile of beige. She digs for the color one last time in hopes to keep her sanity and self yet only getting fingers dripping in a colorless blood. She cries and her tears evaporate. She is forced to stop. She is reprogrammed by the codes and is now officially them. She is no longer. The codes have won and the world is beige. The color is buried and societies dictators have won. Individuality is no more. She is a girl who dresses in beige alone in her room.

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