newly joined the site!!

hello friends!!!

how you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!!

few days ago, i got an email introducing me about the site, and i was really impressed and thought to join the site. finally today i joined the site. i am new here but i am not a new writer. i have been blogging from last 3 years. hence i have read all the terms and conditions of the site, i have started here. but still i need some guidelines from the senior authors. i just hope i can cooperate with the site and enjoy writing. hoping for the best!

from last 3 years i have worked on many writing websites but i wasn’t satisfied with any of them except my first site. when i newly joined a site as a blogger i fell in love love with writing. from then i always used to find some websites to express my opinion, views, thoughts everything. And during this search of websites i came across many fake websites which only uses our articles but no return. and in this sequence of search i came across this website and thought to try this site as well. This site has reminded me about a website on which i used to work but i wasn’t satisfied with that side. I am really expecting much from the site as i have seen many authors are write, who are sharing many excellent articles. I hope i can do this. My only motto is to share quality articles and earn more and more. Writing was never my hobby but from past 3 years, writing has became my favorite hobby. Now i am looking forward for my writing and status of my earning. feeling excited to join this site and feeling lucky as well.

well all the best to me!!