Blitz–yet another attempt.

There is a form of poetry that I have always had some trouble with, but I try it anyway.  It’s called a Blitz Poem.

The Blitz poem contains fifty lines, and is meant to be read as fast as possible (aloud) with no breaks, except for the poet to take a breath.  The first two lines start with the same word, and the next two lines start with the last word of the second line, and so on.

The title is supposed to be three words long, and consist of the first word of line three, a preposition or conjunction, and the first word of line forty-seven, which can make it kind of weird. ;p

The last two “lines” of the poem, forty-nine and fifty, are single words, being the words found at the end of line forty eight, and line forty-seven respectively.

The problem that I have with writing one of these kinds of poems is that I almost always manage to skip a line, which means I’ve messed up the flow of the rest of the poem, making it still a poem, but not an actual “Blitz”. ;p

So, here I am attempting it again.   Wonder where I’ll goof this time… 😉 (hoping that thinking she’ll goof will somehow cause her not to goof…)


Coming the Shepherd

Work in progress

Work, the night is coming

Coming is a new day

Coming is the Lord

Lord of all creation

Lord of Heaven and Earth

Earth made in six days

Earth the home of man

Man who fellowshipped with God

Man who fell from grace

Grace is unmerited favor

Grace bestowed by God

God the Heavenly Father

God the Son

Son of Almighty God

Son equal with the Father

Father gave the Son for us

Father could not look on sin

Sin separates man from God

Sin,  black and ugly deeds

Deeds and thoughts, God knows

Deeds man does every day

Day will come

Day when Christ returns

Returns for those that are his

Returns to begin Judgement

Judgement of good and bad

Judgement of those who accepted or rejected

Rejected God’s gift of salvation

Rejected His truth

Truth found in the Bible

Truth from God’s word

Word–a name for Jesus

Word was there at the beginning

Beginning, there was the Word

Beginning of time as we know it

It is only Him

It is His salvation

Salvation comes from God

Salvation bought with Jesus’ blood

Blood of the Lamb

Blood of heifers and goats

Goats on the left

Goats not part of God’s flock

Flock of sheep that need to be led

Flock led by the Shepherd

Shepherd of the sheep

Shepherd who cares for us



© Stacey Uffelman 9-12-15

(Oh, my gosh, I think that I actually did it right this time !!!)