Who I Am?

I am Sheril. Eldest daughter of my parents. I have to siblings. My brother is still a student at the age of 25 (had to stop for a few time because of his health) and my little sister who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, currently attending a review center for the November Licensure Exam.
I am a reader. Currently addicted to paranormal romance right now – werewolf to be specific, bizarre and weird topic interest me (this includes conspiracy theories, medical oddities, hoaxes, and alient sightings). During my free time anyone can see me reading a book on our living room. My favorite authors are Arielle Alia and Sherrilyn Kenyon
I am a traveller. I love traveling, I visited some of the famous beaches here in the Philippines like Boracay, Caramoan and Palawan. I love the beach by the way, but I don’t know how to swim. Tried helmet diving the last time I visited Boracay which is last March. I have been to Sagada too, took more than 12 hours to arrived at our destination, but I tell you its worth it. Beautiful green and mountain sceneries.
I love to eat. I’m not picky with food, I ate anything as long its edible and would not trigger my allergy. My comfort food are marshmallows, skittle, gummy worms, mango with spicy shrimp paste, and chocolates.
I love music. I listen to music through out the day. Wether I am at work, doing household chores, traveling, or reading. I enjoy listening to lively music like RnB, pop, and dance music. But sometime it varies depending on my mood. I can listen to metal and rock when I’m pissed or need an outlet for negative emotions.
That’s all for now, If you want to learn more just connect with me and let’s be friends.