Convenience Features Every New Vehicle Should Have

Cars are no longer just about getting from A to B. They’re becoming an extension of our busy lives, with features that simplify our daily routines and our time on the road. But with so many to choose from, which convenience features do you need in your next car? Here are some must-haves to make your time behind the wheel smoother, more comfortable and less stressful.

Keyless Entry and Push-Button Start

Keyless entry means a key fob or smartphone app sends a signal to the car and the doors unlock with a touch. Push-button start replaces the key ignition and you can start the car with a button. That’s super convenient when you’re juggling bags or dealing with bad weather.

Power Locks and Windows

Power locks and windows are no longer a nice-to-have; they’re standard in a new BMW for sale. With a button press, you can lock or unlock all the doors at once, and no more reaching for individual locks. Power windows mean you can roll all the windows up or down with one touch, for everyone’s comfort.

Set the Temperature Just Right Every Time

Automatic climate control lets you set a temperature and the fan speed and air direction will adjust to maintain that temperature for your whole journey. Everyone’s comfortable and fuel efficiency is optimized.

Heated and Cooled Seats

Heated seats are a lifesaver on cold mornings, warming you up quickly and keeping you comfortable on cold commutes. Cooled seats are a blessing on hot days, a refreshing feeling and coolness during summer journeys. These are luxuries and make a big difference in extreme weather.

Loading and Unloading Cargo with Ease

Trying to open the trunk while juggling a heavy grocery bag is frustrating. Power liftgates let you open and close the trunk with a button or even a foot gesture, so your hands are free for more important things.

Universal Garage Door Opener

Many new cars offer universal garage door openers that can be programmed to open and close your garage door with a touch of a button on the car’s dashboard. This eliminates the need for fumbling with remotes and streamlines your arrival and departure routines.

Stay Organized

A messy car is stressful and annoying. Cargo management has the answers. Cargo nets, cargo partitions and underfloor storage bins will get you more space and a empty trunk or cargo area.

Pick a Car for Your Life

While these things are becoming more normal, not all cars are created equal. Think about your life and needs when buying a new car. Do you haul groceries? Do you live in a cold place? A car with these features will turn your daily drive into a joy.