Date Poem: Thursday, November Nineteenth (2015)

I think that I may have explained about the Date Poems that I write, but just for a “refresher” – here is one for today, November Nineteenth .

I started writing “Date Poems” years ago, at first only using the first letters of the day’s date, and trying, regardless of what day it was, to do a poem for every day of the month, at least up until the particular month ended.  For example, the date “acrostic” for Thursday, November Nineteeth, Two Thousand And Fifteen would be:


These days, writing sites require more  characters and words, so I spell out the whole date.  I have no time to do one for every day due to “life”, unfortunately, so I just write one when I can for the day it happens to be.  The one below is for the day it was written, Thursday, November Nineenth , 2015 –( I don’t use the year spelled out, as that would make the poem way long!).


Trials will come, some

Harder than others,  but if we know Jesus as our Saviour, we

Understand that when we

Reach the end of the trial, we will come out

Stronger – so long as we remember to

Depend on Jesus’ strength

And not our own.

You and I were born with a

Need inside of us to know

Our Creator, but sadly, many fill that hole in their lives with earthly possessions that will

Never truly satisfy.  If only

Everyone on Earth would realize that

Man cannot live by

Bread alone, but by

Every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Real treasure is found in Heaven,

Not on Earth; and yet mankind,

In their selfishness and foolishness, insists on only striving for their earthly

Needs – never taking thought for

Eternity – whether

They will spend it on the

Elysian shore of Heaven, or in the flaming

Embers of Hell.  God forces

No one to come

To Him – eternity in Heaven or

Hell is entirely up to mankind themselves.

© Stacey Uffelman 11/19/15