My Life is out of wack right now: need Prayer please

I have not been on here much lately this past week.  Due to several staggered family crisises.   Two extremely severe and one very annoying and another just inconvenient right now.   Plus suffering from a lot of stress which has caused major flare up of my bursitis which was getting better but now with lack of rest and stress really causing me pain.  So up way earlier than normal icing.

I just need prayer for my granddaughter who is in a dark place and suicidal right now and expecting a baby and for her husband who is being so patient.  She also has a heart valve problem and angry because she lost her medical so wanted to harm herself and her unborn child.  She is 15 weeks along.

I need prayer for my oldest son who was taken to the hospital in intensive care when he collapsed.  He is 43.    Also for his family and marriage as it is in chaos.   He has 5 children ages 5-14 who are worried and scared for daddy.    His lungs collapsed and he has been in counseling for two months as he learned he has PSTD from Iraq war.

For my daughter due to town persecuting her where she lives demanding impossible clean up of things and a shed torn down on a place she moved into two years ago.  While her neighbor’s all around who lived there 5-10 years have unfenced swimming pools. huge slash piles and falling down sheds or barns.  And telling her she has to get rid of all her vehicles with rust on them.  All run one is a truck they use for hauling things including things to landfill,  One her daughter’s care for work.  One the family suburban so all 7 can go places,  One her husband’s car.  One a vacation van.  All run but all are 1990 car’s.   Another neighbor has a clunker sitting on blocks.   Also demanding she get rid of her ducks and rabbits and dogs.  But her neighbors dogs run loose as do her next door neighbor chickens who got into her garden several times.    And two other neighbors have geese.   They have taken her to court 3 times this year and fining her.  Her attorney is showing the prejudice and unconstitutinality of the city council.   So far 4 things thrown out of court.

There are some other lesser issues too but those are the worst.   I am helping babysit for my daughter for her two younger ones and so have not got the needed rest I am supposed to have.   Please need some prayer warriors for miracles

Need God to calm things, bring peace and stay Satanic influences.    Thanks