Is Snoopiness Genetic?

I am sure that I have wondered this before at one time in my life, but it came to light again today when I had to really question someone.  I consider myself an overall trusting person, and I like to give benefit of the doubt, but I had to assume someone to be a snoop based on their family history.

To no fault of their own, of course, aside from just having a sort of aura about them.  However, I knew the person’s mother and she was an incredible snoop, and I just felt uneasy about what he was doing when nobody was around.

I can just picture someone rummaging through all of my stuff and that just bothers me, but then again maybe I am also being over sensitive…after all I am not hiding anything sinister.

I guess being a snoop is not necessarily a bad thing, and it could be chalked up to being curious, which is mostly positive, but on the whole I think people just feel bad around people who snoop and it does not have a positive connotation.

Is it genetic though?  I don’t know, but I will stick with my assumptions.  Maybe it is just the cynical side coming out in me.  I am sure that there is some sort of gene that controls that sort of thing.

Maybe I should continue on my more beneficial, positive and polite views and give the young man the benefit of the doubt.  It is just me stirring up things in my mind that only make me worry, and really do not exist.

But, I am curious to see what other people think.  Do we think that something like snoopiness is genetic?