time for kite

Kite Flying Time with My Friends

First home then friends

“..but then there is time…”. It always was time for something or the other.

“You need to go now, if you want to return in time by 11 o’clock”, my mom cut me off.

“No bus” I wanted to say. I was anticipating my mom and trying to dodge the chore that was awaiting me that Tuesday morning.

“And should I bring some fruits too?” I was fond of fruits. “No, don’t waste time”, my dad was pushing me towards the gate.

The only thing I wanted to do at that time was to fly a kite. All my friends had left without any trouble to the field adjacent the school.

However, I had to go and purchase the provisions for my household. Both my parents were old. They gave me money and sent me on my way. I had to make time count.

The bus approached my village bus stand. The driver was revving the engine because he was in a hurry. He was running late and wanted to make up time.

I got on to the bus and bought my ticket. I sat beside the window and looked at the trees by the roadside. How I wished I was in the fields with my friends flying a kite! But I did not have the time for all that now.

Time to go home

I reached the shop and reached inside the bag for the card. I had left it at home. In my hurry to get the work done, I had not checked anything when I left the house. Now I had the unpleasant task of going back and getting the card and then making the trip once again.

Maybe, on this  occasion I could convince my parents that I could go shopping the next morning and go and fly kite with my friends. Maybe my dad will get angry and stop me from leaving the house altogether. The thought was so horrible that I gave up dreaming all together.