Rabbit, Jackal, King Lion and the Fruit

All the animals chose one fruit each. Only the Jackal did not get any fruit. It ran away into a corner of the forest and began to sulk.
The rabbit was walking nearby and noticed the long face. “Why are you so sad, my friend Jackal?” he asked.
“You remember how the king Lion gave everyone one fruit to take home with them?” he asked the Rabbit.
“Yes”, Rabbit was now puzzled. He had received a big red apple.
“I did not receive any”, the Jackal began to cry. “I did not get even half a fruit.”
Rabbit began to see what the matter was now. Every animal in the kingdom had received a fruit but the Jackal had not received it. He began to feel sorry for the Jackal. It also did not understand why the Lion had not given any fruit to the Jackal.
So it went to the Owl which was supposed to be the wisest in all the jungle. Owl was busy preparing a dish for the next day. It always like to keep one step ahead of time.
“Oh wise Owl! Can you tell me why the Lion did not give any fruit to the Jackal?” asked the Rabbit.
“Very simple really”, said the Owl. “The jackal had already eaten its share the previous day. So the Lion did not have any fruit to give.”
Now the Rabbit understood. The penguins were always keen to keep track of the number of fruits and the amount of grains that was distributed throughout the kingdom. Since the jackal was greedy, it was always eating up its share ahead of time. That is why it did not get any fruit from the king Lion.