My first post here and an introduction (#0)

Good day all,

I have in the past, written on other sites, though I can’t say I’ve been a prolific writer except with regard to certain times of my life. Coming here, it initially felt so easy to write an introduction and  then rehash those same areas all over again, but instead I decided to start right at the beginning i.e. the day of my birth and as much as I can remember over the last 50 plus years. Whereas you may think it will be a long number of posts, there’s been a lot I’ve forgotten and some best left forgotten so these posts may not stretch out as far as you think. For all that, I do hope that however many or few posts I write, that you will at least find them easy to read, whether boring or not and maybe recall certain times in your own life that might be worth reliving on the site.

Perhaps my biggest reason for deciding to document my life here is simply because writing a book about it wouldn’t very interesting to many, but gives me the chance to record much of my past for “posterity” as they say. Nothing ever lasts forever but just maybe, the internet being what it is, maybe parts of my life will live on typed and saved on servers for some time after I’m gone. A bit of a morbid theory maybe but we’d all like to be remembered in some small way and this is my attempt to increase my chances.

So, from my next post and moving forward I will start on a journey you may or may not find interesting but that I write about more for personal reasons and pleasure rather than hoping to become rich and famous.

Thank you all very much for reading.