Drinking Water is good for you – Do You Drink Enough?

Drinking Water is good for you – Do You Drink Enough?

Hope you are all having a good Thursday. Drinking water is good for you, so we must try to drink 8 glasses of water every day.

When we live in very hot climates it is necessary for us to drink the correct amount of water to keep our bodies hydrated.

Do you drink enough water? It is very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water when the weather is so very hot, and even when it is not.

Drinking water is essential to our good health as it flushes all the toxins from our bodies.

Drinking water also helps the digestive system because if you suffer with heartburn it helps when you drink a glass of water.

The tap water is not very good in South Africa so it is advisable to rather drink bottled water.

Some people in towns and suburbs are now investing in Rain water tanks hoping that when it does rain they will at least be able to capture some rain water.

Please say a little prayer that it will soon rain here in South Africa in all the places that it is most needed.

In South Africa at the moment there is a water shortage. Many animals are dying from lack of water and the farmers are really getting desperate.

The farmers have lost a lot with damage to crops from not getting any rain to help with the drought situation.

In some of the big cities there are water restrictions, and people are not allowed to water their lawns or wash their motor cars.

Just because there are water restrictions in force it does not mean that you must stop drinking water.

If we do not get  rain son I suppose that we will all be under water restrictions.

I hope that we will not be restricted to no bathing and only showers allowed.

Drinking water is very good for you, do you drink enough? if you want to stay healthy, drink water.


Image from Pixabay

Kathy Atkinson