My Favorite birthday

Drop Falling into Water ca. 2000
Drop Falling into Water ca. 2000

Yeah,at my age it sounds a bit funny but let me share this time of my life that make me feel special.
In my younger birthdays,since we are a big family and every penny counts and i am the eldest of ten siblings.I didn’t expect anything when my birthday comes, i don’t envy others that in their especial day, they have cake or many foods. When playing outside the house i’m already happy, i feel free.
And that makes me feel especial already.
As time goes by, i already have many friends, sometimes they give gifts to me,and when i worked i can already buy cake for me haha.But, since i’m not used to it, with or with out cake,i’m fine.I still value every single cents, it’s not easy to earn money.

My favorite birthday so far, was in 2013.I have a facebook account this time, i have so many facebook friends, and real friends. I connected with my high school classmates.We chat and whey they greeted me in facebook and sending cake pictures, haha i feel so happy. It’s like a childish feelings, and it was nice.I saw my wall flooding with greetings.It makes me feel very very especial.Maybe because i was not able to enjoy birthdays in my childhood.I have no regret in my childhood, at least i’m enjoying it now.

My next birthday is just 4 months away if God will still permit.But this time i hope to receive a real greeting. Not because they see in facebook that it’s my birthday, but they remember that it is my especial day. Let us see, who can remember.

How about you? Do you have a favorite birthday?