Are non-USians jokers???

Ptc and survey sites are nowadays more in internet. Yeah its an easy job. You just have to click every advertisement and you will earn some cents. But what the bad thing is that it pays only for Us users. Then why do they  Accept Indians?

I don’t know why, but nowadays i had tried many survey suites and PTC sites. As I am an Indian user, I am not able to do anything.  Each time while I open my account, it shows that you have 39 surveys left with each having almost 1$.  That’s why I gave a try to these websites. But each time when I click on the link it shows  that you are not eligible to complete this offer.

For all my US friends i can help you with the survey sites i know . The best of them is the vindale website. I personally visited the website and what I found is that this website can earn you a minimum of 100$ If you tried hard. I am telling the truth. You should give a try to this website.

surveysavvy is one of the other best sites that pays users much. But this too is reserved for Us users. It’s not as much as promising like vindale, but your efforts are really gonna rewarded.

But if you are a non-Usian then my friend you are just a joker , as I was a joker for a week in these survey sites. I think that i should have joined a circus. But the only good news for Non-Usians is skypip. As it has no discrimination to regions. Like the Great Sree Narayana Guru says, “one man, one religion”.

I am looking forward for some survey sites that really pays Indian users.