Me Introduction

Hello, I am new here so learning all the ropes of how this website works. Learning the pro’s and cons and ins and outs.

Majority of those who calls me their friends think they know me so they think they ought to understand me. They don’t.

I didn’t come with a handy book when I was born so therefore I am hard person to understand and I have memory lapse due to living with TBI and stuttering problems. To explain in my own words it takes me longer than some. To explain the things I am trying to say, I have difficulties.

I feel no obligation to behave the way I do at certain times. Some times I don’t know always to explain in words how I am feeling for the words that flows out of my mouth when ask what is wrong with me I don’t even know how to explain it or even know.

There are days I just can’t explain what is wrong so I am not able to tell you. Because some days I do get discourage, disappointed but good part of the time I am a happy person who love the Lord and I had to learn all over again when the accident caused my TBI. I do not let my disability control my life I learn to live with it and I am not one who will quit for I love to learn it just takes me a little longer to comprehend. Takes me longer to spit out the words that are in my thoughts because my stutter problem.

The things that I am not able to share are the things that God created me the way He made me. I have good heart, am blessed with a humble heart and heart of compassion and understanding, kindness and genuine love for helping people. So wherever I am called to help a friend or family I try to leave heart-prints so therefore if someone happens to respond back to me that they felt my touch I pray and hope that they may sense God’s love of compassion and genuine love touch working through me.

That’s Me! I try to be true to myself. I am not perfect as I wanna be but I focus all my energy on what God has in-store what lies ahead.