lol! Intel with a blazing product

Hi my friends. It’s a great day for me. The skypip authority had posted comments in my last post. This made me skypip more trustworthy and more user friendly.

Today I am here with a new post relating to Intel compute stick. As you know that old computers were in the size of 2 rooms. The processor and hard drive of that computer was less than our expectation. But the introduction of computers made revolutionary changes in the life of mankind. New and improved innovative ideas came to arise. This gave way to the development of It failed. The surprising thing is that almost 30%revenue of India is from IT sector.

Before 4 months Intel has officially released Intel compute stick. Lol! Can you imagine an entire CPU  in a pen drive. Lol! It’s true. The product was a revolutionary one. The HDMI port in the compute stick enabled it to connect with computers or any smart tv’s. The product internally has a preloaded windows 8 with 1 GB of ram. The most important thing is that it cost much less. Just 10000/- in Indian market flipkart.

The tech world is a freaky one. From 1000 transmitters of PC has now resulted in  10 crore transistors.. Can you imagine? The two room sized computer has now become handy.  Now the future is invisible. It’s said that around 2020 Flexible and transparent computers are gonna released.

But the saddest part of this technological things are the E-waste. East is accumulated due to the drawing of unwanted electronic items. So what i was thinking is that the future electronic devices must be easy disposable like disposable glasses. I am looking forward till 2020.

Hey guys, can you tell what may be the new electronic devices coming till 2020?? Guess up friends!!