How To: Make All Natural Organic Laundry Soap, And Dryer Sheets

  • Have you ever wondered how to get fresh super clean laundry without chemicals? I know that there are brands without scent, or added chemicals. However, those leave clothes smelling not exactly fresh, am I right? In this article I will teach you not only how to get them super clean, and antibacterial I will also teach you how to get them smelling amazing without any chemicals! Are you ready?

    Let’s start at the beginning the wash part. It is incredibly simple, and actually relatively inexpensive. First you need a base cleaner. I recommend baking soda. Baking soda is super gentle on clothes, and takes away the stains leaving clothes bright, and fresh! Baking soda isn’t just good for a natural clothes cleanser, but can be a substitute for washing dishes, and a variety of other natural cleaners. Buy a gallon size for this recipe. Next you want your clothes to smell wonderful! You also want to kill germs, mold, and any other bacteria lurking in them. So next you want to get some essential oils, but not any kind antibacterial kind. There are lots to choose from, but the ones I like are lavender, tea tree, or any citrus oils.

    Once you have the ingredients next you want to mix it all. I prefer lavender, and tea tree oil. It all depends on how powerful you want the smell. I use a total of 20 drops per gallon. 10 of each then I mix with a dry spoon. You can add more if you would enjoy extra potency. Be careful with any colored oils, such as orange, use too much may result in staining. We obviously wouldn’t want that. After mixing I would use about a full cup for a big load, and half a cup for a small load. Remember to label your container, some essential oil is not edible such as tea tree. Tea tree, and a few others are very toxic if ingested, so be mindful of labeling, and keeping away from children, and pets.

    Then when the laundry is done washing we want to focus on more fresh scent, and anti-static. First off you will want to buy wool dryer balls to remove static. Then for the extra fresh scent! Get a glass sealed jar to start. Get some cleaning clothes, or cut up old dish towels rags etc. It is really simple. Buy white vinegar, a spray bottle, and more essential oils. This time you don’t need to worry which is antibacterial, but rather what will smell good paired with the laundry essential oil. Mix the vinegar in the spray bottle with about 7-10 drops of the scent you desire. Shake well, you may want to wait 24 hours for the vinegar to steep the scent. Afterwards spray, and saturate the clothes place them into the sealed jar. When you go to dry laundry add one to two clothes with a dryer ball. The vinegar will evaporate, plus it helps remove static. All that will be left after is a fabulous fresh scent! I learned this lesson from this article here.

    Now you know! Always take precautions to test for allergies with each essential oil, such as spot tests before you use them. Always label your jars, and use safety measures. After doing this all you will have amazing wonderful smelling, and super clean laundry! For extra clean such as stains use a small amount of baking soda and let it sit on stains wet for an hour before washing. Thank you for reading, and enjoy a chemical free lifestyle. Please bookmark my author page for more articles to come!