Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Have you heard about Mobile Legends? Have you played this game? if not, let me introduce to you this game.

Mobile Legends is a Multiplayer Online Arena or MOBA. Pro-players says that it is the easier and pocket (since anyone with Smart phone can play this compared to other MOBA game that can only be play using computers or laptops) version of League of Legends or popularly known as LOL.

In playing Mobile Legends, your main goal is to defend your base at the same time, attacking and destroying your enemy’s base by killing the enemy’s team creeps/minions, their heroes  and to destroy their turrets their mother turret (it is the last building in the center of the base that when destroyed it’s game over and a defeat/lose for your team, or the enemy’s team). MOBA games usually has three (3) lanes and has unlimited spawn/wave of creeps/minion.

Mobile Legend has five (5) modes namely Classic (Match-up before), brawl, Custom, Human VS. A.I. (Artificial Intelligent) and Ranked Game. The primary mode of Mobile Legend is the Ranked Game where for every victorious battle, players earned stars and eventually reached the highest tier. Warrior as the least and Legend/Glorious Legend as the highest Tier.

Moontoon is continuing to improve the game and add more types of heroes and items so players won’t get bored. Recently, the developers have been updating every now and then to add spice to the game. But we all know that there is no perfect game. You can’t avoid glitches, lag, and bugs  but the developers are trying their best to avoid and fix this. To compensate for those affected players, they are giving away bonus or in-game gift pack.

Anyway, for those who wants to start playing online games especially those players who are into Role Playing Game (RPG) and MOBA, this game is a must. The game play are easy to understand, and it doesn’t require you to have a MOBA background or experience  to play. Recommended Game? YES!

Photo Credits  to the owner.