The Hare and the Tortise :-)

Childhood story

The Hare and the Tortise : Best Race Ever

The hare was one of the most popular stories told during our childhood how he lost to the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race.

The tortoise wins the race in the end wiles the wicked hair would sleep under a tree known as the best race ever.

The tortoise slow and steady would take his time and just complete the race.

This used to be the most epic of all the poems are we learnt in our childhood. I’m sure if you look back into your past you will remember the teacher who has taught you this poem.


You will also have a big grin on your face and you be like hey I wish I could go back in time and meet our teacher.

Easier said than done I’m pretty sure we all feel the same.
This is some story that should be taught to each and every kid even the ones are not born yet.

When they come into this world I should be like “tell them”. I’m sure you will agree right!! My dear friends I hope I have given you all a thought for the day, now when you look back right!

I hope you will have a big laughing smile on your face. Our childhood are the best I am sure when we get back and see our child doing the same thing we did I am sure we will all laugh. Enjoy each and every moment trying to remember we went through.

To be really and utterly honest I am sure we will all be most happy by the end.
Having enjoyed sitting with our children and watching the day off.
By listening to the Hare and the tortoise story.

I hope I have left your with good thought for the day. I wish I could really see that green on each and every onces face.
It would make me feel so much more happier that I did something worthwhile by putting a smile on someone’s face.

Please do let me know in the comments section!
What are youre thoughts about this when you first saw the picture.

God bless :-)…..