Create a custom printed phone case: enjoy the benefits and possibilities of a unique accessory

Personalized cases shouldn’t be associated with a low level of gadget protection. Prints are printed on silicone, shockproof, and folded cases. What are the advantages of a personalized cover and how do our models differ – we will tell you in the article.

On, you can choose a worthy alternative to the classic factory cases. With the help of a special constructor, everyone can easily create a protective accessory with the desired print for themselves or as a gift to a friend. When preparing the design, you can not limit yourself at all: add your favorite photos, pictures from the Internet, inspirational inscriptions. The constructor allows you to change the scale of the image, the location of individual objects, add a background, etc.

We would like to note that the print created in the wizard can be printed only on one of the suggested phone cases like Personalised iPhone 12 case. You need to select a specific phone model so that the case fits perfectly with its dimensions. This is the only way the accessory will be able to fully fulfill its protective functions. And also will not affect the usability of the gadget. After you select your smartphone model, select the type of case: silicone, shockproof, or book format.
Keep in mind that accessory options depend on the brand of the gadget. For example, only book covers are available for tablets.

Benefits of personalized covers

It is worth giving preference to a case with an individual design since such an accessory has a number of advantages:

1. Accurate conformity to the body of a mobile device or tablet, due to which the case reliably protects all sides and takes impact in the event of a fall.
2. Presence of cutouts and protrusions for important parts: power button and volume control, charging and headphone jack, rear camera, and fingerprint scanner. For comfortable use, the accessory does not need to be removed.
3. Ease of cleaning the coating – the surface does not absorb dirt and dust, and if dirt appears, it is easy to clean it with a damp cloth. For a long time, the accessory retains its original appearance.
4. Non-slip surface – the covers allow you to firmly hold the gadget in your hand, do not slip, which prevents the device from accidentally falling.
5. Durability of the print – thanks to printing on innovative equipment, the drawings retain rich colors and clarity, do not fade in the sun.

The custom printed case offers the same durability as the off-the-shelf models in the range.

Printing on silicone cases

Classic silicone or rubber cases are the most popular accessories that buyers choose. They cover the back cover and sides tightly, protecting them from scratches and chips. The design is only printed on the outside of the case, so the edges remain tinted or transparent.

Embossed Armored Covers

You can order hybrid cases, which consist of three layers: flexible TPU, aluminum, and plastic. The bezel is thickened with thermoplastic and the print covers the entire perimeter of the back of the case. Due to this, the case is more durable and resistant to deformation, mechanical damage. The accessory better protects the gadget from scratches and abrasions and has increased shock-absorbing properties. Helps maintain the integrity of the device if it falls from a height.

Printing on book covers

People who want to protect not only the back of the gadget but also the screen can choose a flip-flop case for a tablet or phone. The bookcase helps to protect the display from scratches and cracks even in critical situations (falls from a height, impact on a hard surface). Depending on the specific model of the mobile device, you can choose:

1. Classic Flex Book with rivets.
2. Enhanced version of Wallet Book with internal silicone bumper, document pocket, and magnetic mount.

The flip cover is a practical accessory that easily converts into a mobile phone stand. Thanks to this, while watching videos or films, hands are completely free.

The print created by the designer will be printed on the entire surface of the accessory – the lid and back panel. So it turns out to create a full-format design with one holistic or two images.