Making salsa

I have a passion for cooking and one of the foods that I really enjoy making is salsa. I used to buy the jar salsa in the grocery stores but they always tasted too bland or not the right flavors to me. So that’s when I decided experimenting with my own salsas.

I typically make salsa with fresh tomatoes but there have been times where I will use some canned tomatoes as well if I’m in a hurry or do not have enough of the fresh.   After I select my tomatoes, I add in some onion and cilantro. To me those are ingredients that need to be present in salsa.  I like my salsa spicy so I usually add a jalapeno as well. For extra add in’s I use salt, cumin, a little sugar and fresh minced garlic.  I blend it all together and it’s ready to be dipped in with some tortilla chips.

Now sometimes the jalapeno peppers are not that spicy so in that case if I’m wanting a spicier salsa, I will add some hot sauce or cayenne powder to give it an extra kick.

Some night other additions can be a can of black beans, corn or even avocado.

When I make salsa it seems to vary each time a little bit due to the jalapeno peppers. I have bought some that are so spicy and others where they aren’t at all.  So for me it’s an experiment every time I make it. People have asked me for my recipe and it’s hard to give it to them with complete accuracy. I don’t really measure when I make it and just add and taste as I go.

I’ve been told I should market my salsa but I don’t really know how much work goes into that. It would be fun I think but I’d really have to do some research on the requirements and how you go about something like that.  Everytime anyone has any of my salsa they claim it’s the best they have ever tasted. Maybe it’s time I look into making it and selling it.