Make Money

  1. I will promote the site on 15+ social media platforms so that the site gets exposure. Will create accounts and start promoting and will gain 250-500 customers weekly through those platforms. And will gain more customers after working sometimes and promoting as much as possible. Will put 3-4 hours/day in this marketing section.2. I will provide 50-100 leads/sign ups daily. And all the leads will be from Australia, Canda, USA, UK and sometimes from Asia.
    Providing 50-100 leads/sign ups daily. And providing 400-500 leads weekly.

    3. Optimizing the website to acquire more prospects through better conversion. I will also do Search engine optimization (SEO) that attracts more qualified traffic. Will do the whole keyword research and other seo things. And will also do market research and research on other sites’ keyword positions to get a good SEO position for our site.
    This can be done weekly if you want to check the market regularly. But doing it for the 1st time is also okay.

    4. Email marketing that futures prospect activity and qualifies their sales readiness. (I will do e-mail marketing with a list of 30,000 people within the niche). Doing E-mail marketing with 2500+ people every week. I have 3 team members who work on collecting e-mails in different niches. And will do email marketing with 10,000 people every month.

    5. Offer content that targets what prospects want to know at each stage of their decision process and let the prospect choose what is most relevant to them.

    Writing 5 articles daily and writing 25 articles/weekly (500+ words each) on different topics and will also post on the site regularly.

    6. Making a Qualified List of other sites (same niche) and also researching on the sites and their customers. Researching on their social media presence like; which platforms do they use;

    ***Researching every single thing and making lists about the single topic of the market/niche.

    7. Writing an e-book of 100+ pages on the given topic and offering the e-book free to the customers so that they keep coming back to site. Writing 1 e-book every week of 100+ pages.

    8. Make a list of over 10,000 customers and their contact addresses, phone numbers, emails, sites etc.