How to Discuss Retirement Living With Your Parents

sunshine dunwoodyIt is easy to fall into a pattern of living after doing everything the same way for decades. When your parents retire, you may get concerned about their quality of life. They will be living on a fixed income and sometimes a parent is widowed, which means learning to live alone. Plus, health conditions may arise that make you feel anxious about your parents’ abilities to tackle daily tasks. It’s time to broach the topic of retirement living with your parents.

Offer to Help

Most children are busy with their own lives but you can offer to help in any way possible. Let the grandkids mow the lawn or clean the house for your parents. If you live far away, help them to find reliable people to tackle these tasks. Call your parent often to make sure they are doing alright. Consider an emergency system such as Life Alert for a parent who is living alone. If they get injured, they can instantly call for help.

Ask About Their Lives

Sometimes people get lethargic or depressed after retirement. They may no longer feel like they have a purpose. Plus, there are fewer social opportunities. Encourage your parents to volunteer in the community, attend family gatherings, and visit the local senior center. Ask about their hobbies and find ways to praise their efforts, such as using a blanket made by mom.

Discuss Housing

Some children take their parents into their homes while others do not have that ability. There are also parents who prefer to live independently. Discuss the benefits of retirement communities, such as housekeeping, landscaping, social activities, meals, and medical care when needed. Offer to tour a few communities with your parents to help them make a decision. Rather than micromanaging, listen to your parents and their preferences so you can help them find the right home to make the most of their golden years.