A Personal Take On A Popular Site

Friends, finding the best writing site are more like finding the safest spot to be in a jungle. It is hard and most of the times it is uncertain. Things can change anytime and so one has to keep trying for the best site that they can earn from.

Today, I am reviewing a site called Iwriter. I have been in the site for long, and have written a dozen of articles. I have to make myself very clear that I have been paid from the site and there are no trust issues with it. The site allows anyone to open any account and start writing in the site. Before you first assignment, one has to pass a simple grammar test and let the authority know that you are eligible for the site. Interestingly, the twist starts from this spot. The test level varies to a great extent and one might have to face bad times even if they give the most answers right.

The second hurdle arises when one has to choose the assignment. There is not much problem is getting the assignment as there is a pool of assignments for the writers to choose from. Interestingly, the acceptance of the article depends completely on the mood of the viewer. They can point our mistakes even if there isn’t any. It is hard to get accepted. The employers are very keen about quality, but less keen about the payment to the writer. They reject the article so that they can have the work without any pay. With slight alteration they can work with the article for free.

Being open for international writers, the site is highly popular and people try to write on the sited for a stable passive income. Still, in the long run the site is not very fruitful. It can delete your account any time if your rating is less than 3.4 stars out of 5. It is hard to be in the site.
Friends, I am tired of being in the site and hope to find similar site that pays. If you know sites like iwriter that pays for writing articles then please let me know. It will be very helpful.
Hope the review will be useful to anyone who is trying their luck in online writing job. Have a nice day.