Benefits You Can Get In Joining Aim Global

Benefits from Aim Global

If you are going to join in Aim Global Company, invest 250$ for foreign who wants to join in the Philippines and for people who are here in the Philippines, you can invest 7980 pesos only.

  1. Once you invest this money, you can get a global package of your own choice(food supplements)  worth 7,800 or around 230$. According to the law, if you invest money to a company, you must get back 80% to 95% worth. In Aim Global you can get that all.
  2. As a member of Aim Global, you are entitled to an accident insurance worth 200 thousand pesos  and 10,000 pesos burial.  if you are just hospitalized, you can reimbursed to 10, thousand pesos. Then for murder assault your family cant get fifty thousand pesos.
  3. You can get you ATM ID where you can use to withdraw your commission daily if you work hard in your business, of course. No work no commission. follow the marketing system can give you great amount of income and you can get them daily basis. You earn today, redeem it and tomorrow you can get it at your atm.
  4. Business Kit.
  5. Data Tracking Center where you can see all about your business, your dashboard, genealogy, income, people that join your left and right sales group, you commision, and everything about your business.
  6. Whole free medical Check-up. You can go to the hospitals and laboratories that tie-up with Aim Global and claim it.
  7. discount of 25% of all the products. Example. You buy 1 box of C24/7 for 900 pesos and you can sell it 1200 pesos. you gain 300 pesos.
  8. Aim Global really wanted to help its members so they issued a transferable scholarship. You can use it, or you can give it to someone, a niece, your grand children or anyone that you like to study. each tie-up school may give you discounts of 100%, 50% or 80%. It depends.
  9. It is one time lifetime membership.
  10. Your beneficiary can inherit your business, if something may happen to you.
  11. You can do your business anywhere. anytime or sometimes. Once you join, it will never lost.

If you are interested to join,  feel free to message me. I am here to help and to  share my knowledge. Our aim is to help people globally to achieve money and time freedom. It is good to work in a company but sometimes, our time is limited to our loveones. I do it part time and I am telling you that even it is parttime, the salary/commission I get is more that my government salary.

The secret here to earn is to follow the six ways to earn. Good luck.