Long-life and slow the aging secrets

Or a handful of edible vitamins are long-life and slow the aging secrets?
Plenty of TV advertising spots, a lot of articles in various popular publications authors persuaded people, that free radicals arising in the body during the ongoing biochemical processes with oxygen (it is highly active compounds), which Carries out “evil” that it is what exactly is the cause of aging.
And to improve the condition of our body if we use a variety of vitamins, they destroy free radicals.
However last time were taken many studies have shown that the most likely truth is completely different.
Scientists describe the free radicals and their importance to our body upside down reverses aging theory.
What is the long-life and slower aging secret?
It seems that the answer is no vitamins, because it will protect against free radical compound.
The free radicals in our body, it seems that just are necessary.
And this, scientist discovery should lead to a completely different way to look at vitamins C and E, which manufacturers are still advertised as health and long life source.

People are convinced that free radicals are harmful and cause aging, but called a free radical theory of aging is wrong, says McGill University, Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Professor Siegfried Hekimi.
There is a programmed cell death, or apoptosis, is a process in which damaged cells commit suicide in carrying out a variety of situations;
In order to avoid the of cancer, the induction of autoimmune problems in order to destroy the cell or virus attacked.
The main molecular mechanism of apoptosis was first detected, namely with round worms and the discoverer of this, received the Nobel Prize.
Canadian scientists have discovered that the same mechanism, stimulating it to the free radicals, in fact, even strengthens the protective functions of the cells and increases its lifetime, writes journal Cell.
Turned that theory upside down, because we have demonstrated that free radical production increases with age due to the fact that they are not caused by aging, since it protects us.
This discovery is very important from a medical point of view. The indication that the molecular mechanisms through which free radicals can have a positive effect on longevity, there is a new strong evidence of beneficial effects.
This also means that the apoptotic signals can be used for stimulation of the mechanisms that slow down aging.
McGill University (Canada), the researchers added a base of knowledge about free radicals, with the description of free radicals increases C. elegans roundworms lifespan.
Interestingly, these free radicals, also called oxidants, and molecular level involved in the mechanisms which under normal circumstances indicate the cell to self-destruct, says University report.

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