High hopes

I have high hopes being a blogger, and I am pumped up to work on my first ebook. But I still don’t have any topic in mind yet.

I used to be a bubbler. I also tried Tsu and almost every similar site. Now I am back to the same genre of platform. How I wish after a few weeks or so, I can say with confidence that this site is different. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Being a blogger is a tough job. There are times when my body is urging me to write but my mind is wandering aimlessly. Writer’s block is a common issue to me. Just last month I worked on a 30-day blogging challenge but I just lasted two weeks, I guess. Consistency is hard when you got an eight-to-five job to attend to.

But I am not losing sight. I have high hopes, as I have said. I am hoping to be able to reach not just a few friends for my write-ups, but I literally thousands, or hundreds of thousands of audience.

I know it is not an easy task. I have to put more effort. Success is not guaranteed overnight. You cannot keep on whining and be complacent and expect success to follow you. It takes hard work and consistency, dedication and putting your heart to where your mouth is.

Right now, I feel excited. I want to reach people with my chose blog niche. I want to make an impression and be an inspiration, if not a source of hope and encouragement for people like me.

I will be writing more topics soon. Hopefully this new found platform gives us all the environment we are all dreaming of, sans the frustration we’ve experienced in the past.