Like Withered Flowers and Grass

Isaiah 40:7-8 says , ” The grass wither , the flowers fade; because the spirit of the Lord blow it; surely the people is grass. The grass wither, the flower fade: but the Word of God shall stand forever.”

Early morning as you walk on your garden, you can see a new bud opening and later on it becomes a flower. It lasted the whole day then in the afternoon it wither and again another bud will blossom and the story repeat itself. The same with grasses. It withered everyday as the heat of the sun absorbed. Flowers and grasses never last for eternity.

Human life do the same thing. Even one can arrive at the age of 85 years old, there is a time that death will snatch him away but like the grass and flowers that wither and another flower and grass may grow the next day, human will not be born again  when he die. He will be sleeping and waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our life is very short on Earth. How do you live your life? Are you here for yourself only or for others? What are you doing with your time? Do you use it for knowledge and skills? Are you using your knowledge and skills for yourself only or for others? What is your vision in life? Is life comfortable only achieving your dreams but no time for others? What is the use of being alive shortly on Earth if you cannot even extend your hands to the needs of others?

Do you know why there are unfortunate people on Earth? Do you know why there are sickness? do you know why you are here? You are here for a reason and I do hope that now you know already. If not, it’s time to know it and apply.

You are a fortunate one with a good career and receive good salary. You can use that to to help others. We must be connected to others. They have no opportunity like what we got. Some people need financial aid. I know with the blessings you got, you have extra to the needy. It’s good to give for those who give, blessings will receive.

You are fortunate with brain that can discover many things in life. You can share it to give advice to those trouble souls. Do you know that there are many who are immature on Earth that needs some encouragement and positive thinking? You are good at it for you apply it in your life.

You are fortunate to know God. You are chosen to share the truth to blind people when it comes to spiritual manner.  Knowing God and His redemption of people, you are called to bring the truth to all people so that they can also accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

The most important thing we can achieve on Earth is to connect people to God through the help of the Holy Spirit. Having the word of God, is essential in life. It is like a breath of life. The word of God remain.

See, the word of God remain even the first missionary died 2,000 years ago but then the gospel that the apostles were proclaiming is still the same today. Even we die this year, the word of God remain and many people will come to read it.

Blessed are they that read and apply the word of God in their lives. Even we die, we have hope that when Jesus comes at the second time, we will rise from our grave and will meet our Lord Jesus Christ.

Life on earth is short but the word of God will remain forever. So live with the word of God.

God bless everyone.