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Man Needs Electricity and More

Electricity for Work

Since there was electricity, man has been doing less physical work and getting more work done. In the good old days, people needed to light their torches at night if they wanted to go somewhere out of the house. Now, this is what I call living.
But then think about a ‘fan-less’ existence. You have to wave a Palmyra-palm leaf to get some breeze. These leaves were bound at the outer edge with bamboo strips. These were curved and made the fan strong. But then I digress! Electricity was a necessity but it was unknown! People of those days could not have imagined a continuous breeze of air that needed nobody.

The Willing Servant

Electricity thus was a servant. It did work that was unthinkable. It did work that man would have thought impossible. It pumped out water, drove electric trams and cars. It gave light through the electric bulb. It changed the perspective of existence of man overnight. It was magic! It was a derivative of time.
Indeed, without the concept of electricity, the modern age of the internet would be impossible. Every time you send a message or receive a call, electrical energy helps convert sound to wave energy that can be transmitted. And you thought Obama was doing it all!

Renewable and Clean Energy Source

Hydroelectricity is the form of electrical energy that we get from water. The water in dams built across rivers, rise up until they have huge potential energy. This potential energy is converted into electric energy with the help of giant dynamos (electricity generators). This is one of the cheapest and cleanest energy sources after wind and solar energy. Moreover it is a non-exhaustible form of energy.
There may be another necessity that man has no idea about. Do you know what it is?