Life in a new job

After a lot of hassles and hard times finally i got a job.This is special because this is my first job in my life. Earlier in my lifeĀ  i thought of not doing any kind of job. But the harsh realty forced me to take the path of this. My notion about any kind of job is that, this is a kind of slavery. In the corporate world this slavery is justified and somehow legalised regardless of how big position you hold.

But what to do, at the end of the day you find yourself as slave. But when it comes to earning your bread and butter, you left no other choices. That is what i am facing right now. But it is true that doing job is a store house of knowledge. If you are a business graduate then any corporate job will benefit you in a greater extent. Though i am in my entry level at the job sector but i am learning. Learning new things everyday. This learning might help anybody at the later part of his/her life and that for sure.

My position is right now Management Trainee at Brand. If i survive then at certain point of time i may emerge out as a brand manager. And i am looking forward to the future at this moment.

Now come to the important point that, i am using the word slave or slavery in relation to job. But now i am opposing to it right now. The term should be changed and should be given a decent name.

Finally i would like to say that, if anybody wants to be a good entrepreneur in future, then he/she should take the taste of corporate life.Then it will benefit him to succeed in entrepreneur life.