Two Important Attitude Lovers have in a Relationship

Everyone is dreaming of a successful relationship. Most lovers or couple try to find out the secret of a happy and successful relationship. I choose two aspect that compounds in a relationship. I believe that if both partner are exercising these, they will achieve a wonderful and fulfilling relationship.


Once we enter in a relationship, we must choose to whom we become loyal. Of course, every one is seeking for true love. To achieve this, we need to commit our loyalty to our partner. We cannot serve two master. We cannot say we love a person but we still look for someone because you are searching another thing to another person. What we are seeking, we can find it to that person. Example: If you are a man who love different styles in making love then you must teach your partner and explain to her your likes and needs. If you are the partner who learned this from your partner, you must open your mind to understand him. Love is give and take. It’s not only give . It’s not also only receiving. If we are doing the give and take, each will enjoy being together. Be loyal to your partner.

Don’t even give chance to other person who tempt you or encourage you to do something exciting. If your partner cannot give what you need, you can adjust so that both will be satisfied. Be open minded to a new change. Only think about his or his satisfaction. Try to make the relationship fun and wonderful.


Everyone has past. He or she may reveal it to her or his new partner. Each must be open minded to accept that history. You should not use the past to ruin the relationship. Learn how to laugh to the story heard.  Get some lesson from it so that you can do the right thing for your partner.

What makes the relationship more fun when a man and a woman are honest to each other. I did that. I like my man to tell me his past and the women who are doing their best way to attract him. I laugh at how they behave. We need not to show our jealousy to them in front of other women. We must respect our man. Beside, attention count. If he choose to be with you, give you time and effort, he is with you, Crying and jealous can’t hold your man but it makes him disappointed.