Hoping to get things done today…

Today is another cold day in California.  I have not looked at the temperature yet, but yesterday was cold, so I  am assuming that today will be, too.

Right now as I type this it is eight nineteen a.m. here.

I am hoping to get several things done today.

Yesterday I was hoping to get started on Christmas cards, but I never got the chance.  I hope to be able to do that today.

Today, my mother is going to go to her monthly doll club meeting.  While she is gone, I want to get some Christmas presents wrapped (particularly the ones I have for her) and get them under the tree. 😉

If there is anything Mom would like me to do while she’s gone, I’ll do that.

Bible study this afternoon.

My dog Angel will get her two walks in.

I would like to go up into our attic, as I am hoping to find original Nativity scene.  I am not sure where my mother keeps things up there, so if I cannot find the original Nativity scene that we had, I hope to be able to find another one that I have if not more than one. 😉

Have you had the chance to decorate for Christmas yet, if that is what you do?  I enjoy it myself, though yesterday when I was decorating the tree, I found myself getting really tired.  Of course, my three year old nephew was there, and he already takes a lot of energy, plus we’d been shopping before I got around to decorating the tree, so I was a bit tired before I even started to decorate the tree. 😉

I am hoping that whatever preparations you are making for the season are coming along well.

Have a wonderful morning or afternoon or evening in your part of Sky Pip land. 🙂