Weather today

WIndEven though many of us are  experiencing one season, people other places are experiencing another.   People even experience different kinds of weather in the same country, even though they are in the same season — or sometimes they may have different weather even though they are in the same state, province, etc.

Here in California I haven’t been sure if I could call our weather (in our part of California where we live) more Autumn weather or Winter weather.

Warhol Snowflake 2These past few days, it has been rather cold.  Today, when I went to walk my dog Angel, I put on a sweater.  When we got outside, and I came out from under our walkway overhang, I felt a couple of drops on me.  I decided to walk Angel only around the block rather than the longer way I was planning to go, as I was only wearing a sweater and Angel was all excited about her walk and I didn’t want to pull her back inside to get my raincoat.  Also, I didn’t know if it would start raining harder than the little sprinkle that it was doing while we were out, and I didn’t want to get soaked.

Pouring Rain skewWhile it didn’t rain much while Angel and I were on our walk, it was pretty windy.  Not the strongest wind I’ve ever felt, but windy enough.  I personally hope that it blows in some good strong rain clouds, as California could really use the rain.

What weather are you experiencing in your area of the world?  Are you in a different season than Fall (Autumn) or Winter (come to think of it I need to check the calendar and see what day the first day of Winter actually is)?

It is interesting to think that you may be experiencing wind and rain, while someone in another part of the world is having a sunny day on the beach.